Autocraft Professionals Grade Ceramic 9H Hardness

Ceramic Coating Packages

System X® is an earth shattering advancement in ceramic chemistry, with a full line of products based on this proven nano-ceramic breakthrough. For the best experience and enhanced performance, each product variation is specially formulated for a given application. Learn what each System X® formula has to offer.

MAX ( Starting $1299)

Maximum protection, Maximum durability

System X Max™ is a foundational ceramic technology more durable and environmentally resistant than ever before.Max™ features a stronger, tougher shell up to four times thicker, 2x stronger and 2x more durable than previous coatings. Max’s increased strength makes it more resistant to harmful water spotting.

DIAMOND ( Starting $1099)

A lifetime of high gloss ceramic protection

System X Diamond SS™ is a super slick, thin, flexible, permanent 9H+ ceramic with previously unachievable gloss, slickness, and hydrophobic properties.

PRO( Starting $899)

Up to 6 years of high gloss ceramic

System X Pro™ is an ultra hydrophobic ceramic coating for automotive paint. Pro™ is semi-permanent 9H self-cleaning ceramic with high gloss.Pro™ has passed rigorous Boeing approval testing and has been evaluated for hardness as well as alkali and salt resistance by SGS laboratory

CRYSTAL( Starting $699)

Entry level automotive protection

System X Crystal SS™ is a 2-3 year ceramic coating offering great gloss and semi-permanent self-cleaning properties.

GLASS ( Starting $199)

Unbelievable clarity and protection

System X Glass™ protects your windshields/windscreens, mirrors, headlamps, and glass surfaces for up to 2 years! This amazing coating protects from micro scratches while multiplying the surface’s hydrophobic properties.System X Glass™ dramatically increases visibility in the rain and makes de-icing in the winter and cleaning insect matter in the summer a breeze.

Interior ( Starting $199)

Stain protection for leather, vinyl, carpet, and fabric

System X Interior™ protects all your interior surfaces; such as fabric seats, carpet, leather, and vinyl with a single professional coating.Spills and stains clean up easily and quickly.

RENEW( Starting $199)

Quick ceramic spray coat

Renew™ can be used as a standalone HYPER gloss coat or as a topper for your professional ceramic coating.The quick way to add System X® nano protection to your vehicle, plane, or boat. Renew™ provides exceptional gloss and protection with ultra hydrophobic properties.

Prices subjected to change. Please contact for an accurate quote for your make and model